london england getting there by bus was

London, England!

Getting there by bus was interesting. There was a tunnel between England and France - you don’t drive through the tunnel; you drive onto a train designed to carry cars/buses.

I spent a lot of time at Hyde Park. Reminded me of NYC’s Central Park in some ways. 

I also ended up near a building named for the founder of Boy Scouting. Unexpected, and a nifty find for someone in scouting.

amsterdam the netherlands before coming here i

Amsterdam, the Netherlands!

Before coming here, I didn’t realize it was right up there with Copenhagen for bike-friendliness. So many bikes.

I spent a decent amount of my time here sick, unfortunately, so not many photos for you. It’s a fun city, though.

a walk to an old copenhagen castle on a

A walk to an old Copenhagen castle on a star-shaped island, and the famous mermaid statue, The Little Mermaid/Den Lille Havfrue. I don’t quite get why it’s so famous - there are so many other statues throughout Copenhagen. Don’t get me wrong, this one’s nice, but so are the others!